>Stash busting of the fabric persuasion

>Six years or so ago, or about the time that the drawer of seasonal prints exploded, spawning an additional large box of bits and pieces, the detritus of 20 odd years of making Christmas ‘stuff’, I had the bright idea of cutting the smaller bits into random width strips about 6″ long.

The aim was to make enough to join them together into a nice simple strippy Chinese-Coins style Christmas quilt, quickly done with the brain more-or-less in neutral.
Then I moved house and they got ‘misplaced’ … only to surface just before Christmas ’08, when I made a few more, and got as far as pinning them up on the design wall.
… and there they sat until that Christmas was over.

If I’d gone ahead and finished it at that point, it would’ve been somewhere between a cot[crib] quilt and a lap sized one.

Of course, if I’d done that, you would have already seen it, so the fact that I’m bringing it up now kinda confirms that I didn’t give it another thought. At least, not until a couple of weeks ago when I yanked the tub out again.

and promptly decided to discard quite a few of the ones that I’d already done.

Fast forward through intermittent bouts of mindless cutting and sewing:
the’ cot quilt’ is now a large queen size

and I decided to do a pieced back as well

rather than go out to buy another 8 metres of fabric

At the moment it’s just a top – no quilting yet – but it still looks pretty good spread out on the spare bed

It has been CAT scanned and deemed worthy

and y’know what? I didn’t buy so much as a fat quarter of new fabric for this piece and that blasted Christmas fabric drawer is still full.

… and I haven’t worked out whether I’m really, really late with this quilt … or doing spectacularly well for Christmas 2010


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