>Jackson Pollock eat your heart out

>I decided that Dave needed to spend a little less time in front of the tv today
and I had a long, thin pre-primed canvas that I had no immediate plans for.
I undercoated it in pale blue/grey and then turned David loose with the paints.
The colour choices were mine and I limited his palette to teal, white and copper.
I think he was humoring me as much as anything, but he obliged with a few swipes at the canvas and then got the giggles when I showed him how to make spatters by tapping the brush.
If we’d had a painting session on paper the result would probably be stuck on the fridge, or used as wrapping paper for the next outgoing birthday gift
but instead it is hanging in his bedroom and I think it looks pretty damn good

Isn’t it interesting how working on a proper stretched canvas immediately imparts … something … a weight … a validity … to the result ?


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