>Finally! – as promised part deux

>Back in early November, I posted about the first of a pair of goth inspired gauntlets that I was designing/making for Nadie’s workplace Christmas ‘do’ which was to be held at Witches In Britches Theatre Restaurant
I didn’t ever post a photo of the finished pair – and of course there were several pointed requests to see Nadie all ‘gothed up’, so here she is:
Can you believe that she used to get teased at primary school about her luscious Angelina Joli lips ? Bet those mean little coots are all eating their words now !!

and the knitty stuff for those who care about such things:
Because the gauntlets are constructed lengthwise, working out the matching increase/decrease for the point attached to the finger loop – while simultaneously maintaining the eyelet pattern – was an interesting exercise.
The increase side was easy enough – the YO to make the lace pattern was done without a corresponding K2tog – but the decrease side was a totally different matter. Now I can’t remember whether I solved it by doing a YO,K3tog or whether it was k2tog, YO, k2tog. I’m inclined to think the latter and I’ll know for sure if I get a chance to have another look at the finished article up close and personal.


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