>Nothing to blog about … but has that ever stopped me ?

>I miss blogging for all of two days and get multiple queries as to my status … and that strikes me as a very good thing.
It’s a very comfortable – and comforting – thought that people are watching out for me …
but there’s really no news today
no quilting, knitting, crochet or spinning has been happening [ because I’m procrastinating about the awful moment when I have to come to grips with unpicking the hand quilting on the current project, unbasting it, and changing the batting. Then rebasting and starting over again.]
There was a modicum of gardening, and a modest amount of goat wrangling
but basically I continued to do what I’ve been doing most of since January 1: namely a lot of reading.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – JK Rowling
The Lost Symbol – Dan Brown ( disappointing )
Loving Richard Feynman – Penny Tangey ( Young adult – okay except the weak ending )
From Dead to Worse – Charlaine Harris
Living Dead In Dallas – CH
Green Mill Murder – Kerry Greenwood
Blood and Circuses – KG
Ruddy Gore -KG
Urn Burial – KG
Raisins and Almonds – KG book 10
Death Before Wicket – KG
Away With the Fairies – KG
Murder In Montmartre – KG
Queen of the Flowers – KG
Murder In The Dark – KG
The Persian Pickle Club – Sandra Dallas
Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency – Douglas Adams
The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul – DA
Cocaine Blues – KG
Forbidden Fruit – KG book 20
Dead Until Dark – CH
Club Dead – CH
Skin Trade – Laurell K Hamilton
Seventh Son – Orson Scott Card
Red Prophet – OSC

and yes, I am a fairly fast [ some might say voracious ] reader. I’m also trying to get out of the habit of slouching in front of the idiot box till the wee small hours.
Well, at least when there’s no knitting, etc. in the offing :]
It’s not like there’s actually anything on worth watching most of the time [ although all bets are off once the Winter Olympics starts ]

It has also been pointed out that there have been no pictures of the dawg for a while, so, mainly for Glennie and Moggie, here’s a couple of totally gratuitous pics of his Beariness: one taken mid ’09,

and here’s his Lordship with the current [ half grown out ] summer haircut


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