>A pretty parasite

>I don’t think I’d ever consciously noticed mistletoe until I moved up here.
In fact, li’l ‘ole ignorant me, if I had thought about it at all – which I hadn’t – would’ve probably assumed that such a quintessentially Christmassy icon existed only in the snowy climes of the Northern Hemisphere.
Not so
Round here it’s quite common to see huge gumtrees festooned with multiple clumps and managing to survive.
Smaller eucalypts aren’t usually so lucky – especially the ones that have been stressed by drought conditions – but mistletoe is an important food source both the Silver-eyes and Mistletoe birds.
This is the first year that I’ve managed to catch them at the height of flowering … maybe because of the recent rain …

and – before anyone asks – yes, I do bring some inside at Christmas :]


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