>Sorry – can’t talk …

>The figure skating is about to start so this will have to be brief:

Just as we did during the Summer Games in Beijing and the Tour De France last year, thousands of knitters and crocheters worldwide have settled in for 17 days of Ravelympics.
Most of the Aussies are in Team Doing A Bradbury

I have already competed in the Aerial Unwind
turning this – the cardigan that never quite made it

into this
300 grams of ready-to-go angora

I also participated in the WIPs Dancing event [ for long term works-in-progress ] with the Neverending Baby Shawl.
After almost four years of sporadic activity and a marathon 13 hour effort yesterday…

[ which meant that by 9.30 last night my hands were so cramped that I couldn’t blog, and so stiff all over I could hardly walk ]

… it’s finished.
By the last two rows it was taking over an hour to get around one side [ so almost 5 hours for one complete round ] and that whole border represents well over 30 hours work.

My next WIPs dancing event is already underway as I attempt to [finally] make a mate for the lonely Grace Notes sock that had it’s genesis back in October 2008:
Sorry, gotta go, I’m in danger of missing the Pairs Figure Skating Short Program and that would be tragic.


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