>Ravelympics continues

>…and my own contribution to international “sport”, today saw the completion of the Gracenotes sock.

Two days for a lace sock is a definite PB

and the completion of the Kitchener stitching [ grafting ] of the toe under the added pressure involved in executing the manoeuvre while concentrating on the brilliant – and ultimately, gold-medal winning – performance of Shen and Zhao in the Figure-skating Pairs final, should definitely attract extra ‘degree of difficulty’ marks.

… additional cat hair purely for decorative purposes

I hope you’ll forgive the dodgy photo – and the apparent difference in colour of the two socks – the ‘just finished’ sock had just been hurriedly washed and blocked and was still wet when the photo was taken

pattern: Grace Notes [ Free Ravelry download ]
yarn: Opal Prisma sock wool- originally self-striping green, but overdyed Landscapes Wild Rasberry and Burgundy
needles: KP Harmony 3mm
heel – K1,sl1 rib
lace only to ankle because they’ll mostly get worn inside tight fitting boots
I didn’t have the pattern with me when I did the toe on the first one, so I just did a pretty conventional decrease from memory, which as it turns out is a little different from the pattern… and then had to try and match it yesterday 16 months after the first one :]

and the hunt for gold goes on


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