>I guess you had to be here

>I just had one of those ” Oh damn, where’s the camera?’ moments …
As with the echidna incident last week, Mr Bear sounded the alarm from his favourite outside-watching position on the back of the couch [ sofa]
and with a small ballistic missile threatening to launch, I opted for the safest course of action – I opened the door and stood back, figuring that he was off to engage in his ongoing battle with his arch-nemeses, the maggies.
small dog explodes through door and crosses stage left barking hysterically

slight pause accompanied by duet for disturbed-magpies-and-canine


large hare careens into view heading stage right

followed by the biggest freakin‘ fox I’ve EVER seen

followed by His Beariness in full warcry

which makes me kinda glad that there’s no rabies in Australia – let’s hear it for our draconian quarantine laws!


>Initially I was drawn to this design in an old craft mag because it was blue-and-white-and-pretty
and then I took a second glance …

It’s gone through several editors, plus the photographer, and you’re going to tell me that NO-ONE noticed ?

>Can’t See The Forest For The trees

>Ta Da!!

pattern: Forest Canopy Shawl by Susan Lawrence
March 13 – 26
Yarn: Wollemeise Saami overdyed in Landscapes Marine – the yarn was a post-Ravelympic prize from the lovely Sonia [ aka indefiknit on ravelry ]
Needles: KP Harmony 5mm and 6mm to cast-off

modifications to the pattern – none really – just did some extra repeats of the lace pattern to make it bigger, and left out the last two rows of the border – Wollemeise is not something you waste so I was determined to use it all. THIS

is how much I had left the second time I cast-off [ the first time was just a little looser and the yarn didn’t quite go the distance ]

I’m prepared to admit that I was a bit concerned about the rust/red pooling in two places on the centre back – not enough to pull it out though

– and it really doesn’t show now that it’s had a bath and been blocked and dried.

If I ever get access to a set of blocking wires I’ll probably reblock the edge points a little more aggressively but for now ‘t’is fine.
I certainly don’t want it any bigger:
It measures 1.8 m /72 inches across the wingspan and 90 cm /36 inches deep at the centre back

>I had the best day

>… on Monday.

Nadie and The Boy and assorted grandkittens had arrived after teatime Sunday

The Boy spent the day installing my new computer, which has more than 3 times the capacity of its predecessor and is sooooo much faster … and it looks just so much sleeker. It’s a bit of a shame about my shabby grey speakers, but they still work fine so they’re staying for now.
Okay, yes, it will probably take me a while to get used to all the differences, but so far I’m loving it.
Anyway, the other thing that made Monday a very good day was Nadie announcing that she wanted to make a baby quilt as a gift.
In the past she’s mostly made miniature quilts, so this is a step up
She knows without asking that my stash is hers – so she did [ ask that is ]
likewise a sewing machine – my little Elna Lotus – given that it’s the one that she already has a tentative relationship with [ having nearly trashed it about 10 years ago while making a fully jointed bear from black ack-crylic fake fur ]
She chose the fabricsI did the cutting [ with’ help’ from Oakley ]

but she’s doing the sewing.

There may need to be some Mum input along the way – and in any case I want to share the process with her – so she’s only doing just ‘so much’ at home between visits.

Being able to share one of my passions with my daughter is a pretty damn good feeling !

>the BIG secret revealed

>Last weekend I showed you Ms Sophie being a total tart with Tara
and some of you may have wondered why I made no mention at all of that magnum opus that Tara was so obviously working on, spread all over my kitchen table.

That was because it was a

Charly who operates Ixchelbunny Fibres has been facing a major health hurdle lately, and a group of her friends/customers, here and overseas, decided to give her a tangible expression of their support.
100 squares were posted from all over and Tara and Woolie Wombat sewed them into a humungous blankie.
As Ms Tara admits to being a bit ‘crochet challenged’, I volunteered myself to add the edging – which wasn’t a particularly onerous task, and was easily knocked off last Sunday.

Of course this was in deepest, darkest, greatest secrecy but the great handover was on Friday night down in Melbourne
and so
[drum roll please maestro]

here is Charly avec blankie

photos courtesy of Tara