>Cough! Hack! Splutter!

>Please excuse me.
I’m trying not to swallow this
and while I realise that it looks like at least a kitten or two’s worth of fur, fear not, gentle reader… I’m not completely denuding the local feline population and I’m not taking up cat-hair spinning. Not yet anyway.
This represents the merest tiny fraction of the hair that has just been liberated from Oakley’s very elderly, difficult-to-groom and very fragile hide.
All appearances to the contrary:

he totally approves of the new you-beaut whiz-bang pet comb that I found for the massive budget-breaking sum of $4.95 [!!] in the cheapie bargain shop over at Daylesford today.

Despite its fearsome appearance, it’s not too sharp, not too soft … It’s just right.

and if you’ve ever had to cut matted hair off an arthritic pet that can’t properly groom itself anymore, you’ll understand why I think this is blog-worthy news.

Not that I drove 50 km each way to buy a pet grooming implement.

Jeanette and I actually headed that way for a session of recreational knitting with the other Purl’s Princesses [ and you thought that this was actually a knit-free post ? Ha! ]
but in the interests of your collective sanity, I’ll just settle for showing you the half metre of Japanese cat fabric that followed me home

– how cute is this ?
It’s a fairly sturdy drill fabric, probably a bit too heavy for a quilt
what do you think? shopping bag maybe ?


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