>A Code Id Da Doze and prizes

>Yesterday I had the kind of day that would provide enough material for a week’s worth of blog posts.
A slow and leisurely breakfast in the garden [ photo op promptly terminated when the March flies arrived ]
Then Dave and I went to a cute little country market at Guilford [ friends met, plants acquired and sausages consumed and yes, more photos]
Gardening [ well yeah, I’d just bought plants and the weather was perfection so of course there was gardening … and photos ]
Robyn came over for afternoon tea [ I made good cake ]
Afternoon tea also involved me and some very nice yarn [ Robyn-the-non-knitter bought me Collinette! ]
Tara came over after dinner and again very nice yarn featured [ more of that in another post ]
Sophie loves Tara … love, love, love,love,love

or maybe she just loves wool

but alas! yesterday also featured … streaming eyes, running nose and more latterly, a scratchy throat.
Any hope of a well written post with smooth segues has flown out the window, or perhaps more accurately, sailed away on a tide of halucinegenic cold medication

So I will content myself with just a little bit of yarn enabling:
If you are at all attracted to the idea of beautifully dyed fibres and yarns on really top quality bases, you must go over to Mayhem and Chaos.
You especially must visit if you like knitting [or crocheting] things in fine wool on tiny needles … there is a new sock yarn club starting up and fabulous prizes of both yarn and fibre are on offer for sign-ups.
you know you want to


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