>Just loving the macro button on Friday

>It’s technically Autumn but you wouldn’t know it.
Not up here anyway
So here’s a little of what’s out and about at the moment
[ with added comments for Alwen ]

This first is one of the taller Plectranthus … no idea which one , and it would be about 75cm/30 inches tall. you can see two types of leaf in the pic. The smooth ovoid ones belong to a ficus that shares the same pot. A cutting from the previous neighbours, Brenda and PND

and this second one – which I consider one of the triffids – is a succulent of some sort, another cutting from Brenda and PND.

It’s about eight inches tall

Now this next one is a Bromeliad of some sort and although I’d never seen this particular one before, and bought two of them last weekend at the Farmer’s Market – and apparently paid too much into the bargain – it turns out that just about everyone I know ” could’ve given you one!”
and ” just threw out a whole bunch “
Bromeliads are naturally more of a tropical plant so have to be a bit sheltered from the frosts.
Mine are all in pots on the verandah or in the shadehouse cunningly disguised as a cat-run.

This little daisy-like annual was here when I moved in and I just think of it as an Easter Daisy.
Not doing too well on the naming-stuff-for-Alwen am I ? LOL

and last for this post is a pretty pink Sedum – and hey, big surprise, I don’t know what IT’S called either

Trust me.
There is a whole lot of stuff in this garden that I can name … and I’ve worked out what most of the wildflowers in my patch of bushland are.

Just not this lot.


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