>the BIG secret revealed

>Last weekend I showed you Ms Sophie being a total tart with Tara
and some of you may have wondered why I made no mention at all of that magnum opus that Tara was so obviously working on, spread all over my kitchen table.

That was because it was a

Charly who operates Ixchelbunny Fibres has been facing a major health hurdle lately, and a group of her friends/customers, here and overseas, decided to give her a tangible expression of their support.
100 squares were posted from all over and Tara and Woolie Wombat sewed them into a humungous blankie.
As Ms Tara admits to being a bit ‘crochet challenged’, I volunteered myself to add the edging – which wasn’t a particularly onerous task, and was easily knocked off last Sunday.

Of course this was in deepest, darkest, greatest secrecy but the great handover was on Friday night down in Melbourne
and so
[drum roll please maestro]

here is Charly avec blankie

photos courtesy of Tara


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