>I had the best day

>… on Monday.

Nadie and The Boy and assorted grandkittens had arrived after teatime Sunday

The Boy spent the day installing my new computer, which has more than 3 times the capacity of its predecessor and is sooooo much faster … and it looks just so much sleeker. It’s a bit of a shame about my shabby grey speakers, but they still work fine so they’re staying for now.
Okay, yes, it will probably take me a while to get used to all the differences, but so far I’m loving it.
Anyway, the other thing that made Monday a very good day was Nadie announcing that she wanted to make a baby quilt as a gift.
In the past she’s mostly made miniature quilts, so this is a step up
She knows without asking that my stash is hers – so she did [ ask that is ]
likewise a sewing machine – my little Elna Lotus – given that it’s the one that she already has a tentative relationship with [ having nearly trashed it about 10 years ago while making a fully jointed bear from black ack-crylic fake fur ]
She chose the fabricsI did the cutting [ with’ help’ from Oakley ]

but she’s doing the sewing.

There may need to be some Mum input along the way – and in any case I want to share the process with her – so she’s only doing just ‘so much’ at home between visits.

Being able to share one of my passions with my daughter is a pretty damn good feeling !


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