>Happy Easter

>Nadie and Chris arrived yesterday along with Nonna.They’ve just rolled off home stuffed to the gills, but Nonna is staying on for a few days.

lunch today involved
prawnsNonna’s lasagnewith Bear and Oakley acting as pre-dishwasher cleanup crew

roast turkey and loads of veggies cooked in a variety of ways

there was Colomba [ Italian Easter version of Panettone ] with custard but we didn’t manage to fit that in until well into mid afternoon because we were all too busy digesting.

There was a post-prandial perambulation with the dog

and the modelling of my newly blocked and dried Kiri shawl
this is more of a shawlette because I made it from a single ball of Sophie’s Toes given to me last year by my dear and good friend, the lovely Lisette.

pattern: Kiri [ a fabulous freebie from All Tangled Up ]
needles: KP Options size 5.5mm and cast off on 7mm
mods : an extra couple of rows in the edging – didn’t want to waste any of the available yarn ]
yarn : Sophie’s Toes by Emily Parsons
… Once I got going, I wasn’t entirely sure it was going to work because this is a very springy sproingy sock yarn but there were other [ beautiful ] shawls made in it on Ravelry so I trusted in the power of the Internet and kept on going. Of course it all blocked out just bee-ooo-ti-full-y.

Thank-you Ravelry!
and double Thank-you Lisette !


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