>not that you’d ever know it but …

>Nonna Lidia is NOT an animal person
but Oakley, Sophie and Bear don’t accept that

I never quite know how to refer to Nonna.
So sometimes she gets introduced as Stephen / David / Nadie’s grandmother
or Marc’s mum
or my late-husband’s mum

I mean I can’t call her my ex mother-in-law
but somehow referring to her as my MIL doesn’t always sit right either

Anyway, whatever I call her, I took Nonna for the 2 hour drive back to Melbourne this morning, combining it with a dental appointment [ I’ve had the same dentist for 35 years and he is NOT allowed to retire ]
Nadie had her annual checkup booked for straight after mine and then we went back and had lunch with Nonna [ like she hadn’t seen enough of me this week! ]

I carted home a bag of chillies and 3 bags of Fujoa fruit, and can state that the goats, after some initial caution, have voted in the affirmative for fujoa [ and no I couldn’t have made fujoa jam because – quite apart from the fact that I don’t have the necessary equipment … or know how … or the slightest inclination – this stuff had been on the ground for goodness knows how long. If I suddenly decide on a career in jam making, I’ll pick the umpty gazillion still on her tree ]

Bear is obviously suffering separation anxiety and hasn’t moved more than a metre away from my feet since I got him out of his day incarceration in the goat house.

and yes, okay, there may have been a slight detour on the way home


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