>another tiny treasure

>See this funny little guy?

… well, I say ‘ guy’ but it could just as easily be a girl.
Surprisingly, I’m not that great at sexing squirrels – especially not tiny silver ones – but ‘IT’ is so impersonal, right? So if we can all just agree to think of this one as a hesquirrel, it will make writing this post a whole lot easier. Okay?

I’ve had him pretty much my whole life, and I’ve only ever seen one other like him -which belongs to my good friend Nola G

I think that he was probably a Christening gift because my parents were not very affluent, and unless I tell you, I’d be very surprised if anyone [ except Nola of course ] would be able to guess his purpose

… because, you see, he’s not purely decorative. He had a mission in life – quite an important one.

want a hint?
… well
if it helps
he came with this mother-of-pearl ring

It measures about an inch and a quarter and the inside edge is quite crudely done

not ready to give up yet?

another hint, then?
and this time I’m really giving the whole game away

there would’ve been a little rubber bulb attached to that groove near the base

this was my dummy [ pacifier to my American friends ]
so I may not have had a silver spoon in my mouth but I certainly had a silver squirrel

From time to time I wear the squirrel on a chain, and when there was a fashion a few years back for such things, I had the mother-of-pearl ring threaded onto a leather thong.

Anyone else got one of these ?


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