>Baa Baa White Sheep have you any wool ?

>I found this cute little cheapie Sheepie at Chickenfeed for … well … chickenfeed.


I walked past her
backed up
gave myself a stiff talking to …
because, y’know, she’s cheap and bright and probably not all that durable
and I did put her back and walk away

and then came back the next morning
Yeah, lead me not into temptation, I can find it perfectly well all by myself !

and did I mention that she’s a moneybox

So what I’m thinking is that I’ll put my gold coins [ $1 & $2 ] in Sheepie and that will be my spending money for the Sheep & Wool Show in July.

and now, because I was asked nicely, even if it was only by one person:
here’s the specs on the pink shawl [ and those of you who are sick and tired of the parade of lace can just move along now – I’ll never know if you don’t tell me ]

It’s a slightly late birthday pressie for my BFF in Tassie who is basically the queen of hot pink
and as it is currently winging its way over Bass Strait, it’s a bit late to get a better pic. Ahh well.

pattern: [ as if you didn’t know ]
Forest Canopy Shawl – yes again … I needed to do this fast and on autopilot – as in 4 days go to whoa.
15 repeats of the lace pattern and no mods.

Bendigo Woollen Mills Baby 4ply in Frost, overdyed with Landscape Wild Rasberry
[ and this next unblocked photo is truer for colour plus it gives you a sense of how much the lace opens up when wet]

I used just over half of a 200 gram ball

KP Harmony 5.5mm and cast off on 6mm

and it ended up slightly over 70″ wide [ 1.8metres ]


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