>No clever titles today

>Bear and I found a new denizen of the block during our daily perambulation, and if you’re wondering how I have totally failed to discover it in the past, I should perhaps point out that it is smaller than my smallest fingernail and so far I have only found a very small patch of them.
Most of the little native orchids only bloom for a few weeks anyway so it’s been rather hit-and-miss in terms of finding them.
I have no idea as to its formal identity but the dawg thinks it could be a Bear’s Orchid.

EDIT TO ADD: After consultation with the rather poor line drawings in “Common Orchids of the Castlemaine District”, followed by a Google Images search, I am now reasonably [ well a little bit ] confident that what I have are the ‘fairly common’ Parson’s Bands eriochilus cucullatus … it even says that they flower through to April.


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