>If I told you …

>that I added an extra row of eyelets to this pattern, that I found in a vintage Paton’s Woolcraft,

specifically to get the Noro Kureyon Sock to change colours once per pattern repeat
like this

you’d believe me ?
Wouldn’t you ?

don’t quite know what it’s going to be just yet – stole ? scarf ? shrug ? because I want to see how far one ball [ a fairly impressive 420 metres ] will go.

and I think that if I show you another triangular shawl this month *
… well
… let’s just say that even I have limits to my obsessiveness**

If my admittedly rough calculations are correct I’ll get 28 repeats of the lace from the ball and then it’s all up to how aggressively I block the result.

Stay tuned

* and of course, after I posted this, I realised what the date is – it’s a whole new month ! Happy May 1st
** but those colour changes would look SOOOOOOOOOOOO good in a triangular shawl


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