>an uneventful day ?

>Today was going to be a day of ‘nothing in particular’

The sun was shining brightly, although [ always needed ] rain was forecast

Nothing much on the agenda apart from some nebulous plans that might possibly involve … shock … horror … knitting or quilting, and maybe some time spent pottering about the manse [as Sheepie might say ]
The first change to my non-plan came on the way back from dropping David at Windarring, when I was struck by an irresistible urge to visit friend Beverley at the semi-ungodly hour of 9.30am
Maybe she was sending out subtle ‘come see me’ vibes, because I was met at the door with glad and joyous cries expressing the thought that I was just the person she wanted to see.

So one coffee-in-her-totally-wonderful-garden-with-cats later, and after some solicited advice [ and a quick trip home and back for one of my Japanese quilt books ] I once again headed for home and the first of two phone calls alerting me to impending visitors.
The first – who shall remain nameless to protect the guilty – wanted to know if I could take up a couple of pairs of work pants because she’d lost the foot pedal to her machine.

except that 2 pairs ended up being seven or eight [ I lost count in there somewhere ]
sotto voce mutter, mutter, grumble
deep cleansing breath
Serenity was easily restored in a very predictable manner:
I took any lingering frustrations out on an innocent barrow load of firewood
and then


followed by the predicted rains : gentle, soothing, but necessitating a change
of venue

Fast forward to late afternoon and Ms Tara arrived on a mission that involved borrowing one of my quilts. Needless to say there was also the prospect of more cuppas, a little more tandem knitting, and – the most important detail – Tara brought cherry cake. [ she is now David’s new best friend ]

She admired the newly finished striped-thingamajig-which-turned-out-to-be-a-stole
and ended up coming in at 58 ‘ x 16 “
not bad for one ball of yarn

and I stood mute witness as she came to the sad realisation that this yarn did not want to be a sock.

It has ceased to be
It has rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible
It is an ex-sock

but that’s okay because it can now realise its yarny dreams of becoming a shawl

and what does the rest of the evening hold for David and I, now that Tara has wended her way homeward to a well-deserved dinner ?


Dr Who mini marathon [ with knitting ]


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