>what I did yesterday [ but was too shagged out* to blog about ]

>David gets dropped off at his Day Placement between 9 am and 9.30. It’s supposed to be 9 but as I never use an alarm – it being redundant since I started being a goat-mamma -he gets there when he gets there … UNLESS I have somewhere I really need to be
and I pick him up at 3pm.

It’s a bit like having a permanent Preppie [ first grader ]

Yesterday as it happens I did have somewhere I needed to be

… at 11 am
… 150 km away.

and back by 3pm as we have already established

so this was one of those rare occasions were he was in the door at Windarring pretty close to 9am, and then the car and I proceeded in the general direction of the Freeway and a 2 hour drive to and through Melbourne and out to the eastern suburbs and my dentist of 35 years.
We will draw a veil over the next hour so as not to discomfort and discombobulate the dentalphobic amongst you [ I had to throw discombobulate in there for Bells. Sorry. Long story: Facebook ]
Just because I had the current travel knitting along for the ride, of course it follows that he was running on time and the waiting room was only a blur as I was shown through.

NOTE TO SELF: When on a tightish timeline, ALWAYS take travel knitting. If the mojo works, you’ll get straight in, and if not, the knitting zen will keep you from focusing on the minutes ticking away.

I was out by 11.50 and by noon was walking in my darling daughter’s front door for a very speedy lunch / chat / grandkitten snuzzle / knit / cuppa [ x 2 ]
great run home and back in town with a whole 5 minutes to spare…Windarring is at the north end of town, so I stayed on the Freeway and took the Harcourt Exit which [ totally coincidentally of course ] took me right past the Salvos Op Shop … 15 count ’em FIFTEEN vintage baby knitting pattern booklets – albeit in fairly parlous state – for $1. ONE DOLLAR!

but I don’t have photos of any of that, and the travel knitting is currently under reconstruction due to a slight cat-related incident over night
so here’s the recently started quilt-to-be

and a fairly gratuitous frail and elderly cat

* dental work = mouth open = TM joint unhappy = migraine = no choir last night


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