>Happy [2nd] Bear-thday

>Bear was up bright and early to unwrap his present,

at all times keeping a watchful eye on the marauding magpies

then we proceeded to the totally misnamed Emu Creek [ no emus and no creek that I could see either ] so that he could give Misty a belated Mother’s Day gift,

while I made sure that I had a small natal pressie for his sister Molly [ that’s mum on the left above ]

After a far too generously sized lunch, Brenda and I and dawgs took the obligatory post-prandial perambulation to inspect the livestock
a couple of the locals were feeling a bit bullish and declined to be interviewed for the blog,while Ceefer left us in no doubt as to her feelings about the sudden appearance of yet another canine interloper

[ Cee-fer Cat … yes, okay Pete, I get it … groan ]

As Bear has been raised by cats, and one of them a psychotic tortoiseshell, he suddenly developed an overwhelming urge to inspect the far side of the veggie patch …

Who said he’s a Bear of very little brain ?


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