>can I have a whine with that ?

>If you read yesterday’s post you’re probably expecting the tale of a lightning fast trip out to Berwick coupled with a gazillion new baby pics and exploration of the cuteness that is Noah James Iacuone recounted in excruciatingly minute detail


Woke up this morning completely unable to breathe and straight jacketed in my bedding … the wrestling-with-the-sheet was not helped by the presence of two cats and one small dawg draped around and on my person. Once free of bedding, I discovered that the lack of breath was due to a stuffed up nose and ever so slightly scratchy throat. [ coupled with the fact that I have to sleep with a dental appliance making mouth breathing impossible ]
[thinks] this had better just be hayfever because a code id da doze could spell byebye to baby visiting
… then I attempted to roll over and discovered that my back was very – and I do mean VERY – unhappy with me [ too much raking, piling and bonfiring yesterday I presume ] so probably not a good day to spend 5 or 6 hours in the car


still, I stagger out, feed the goats, ducks and assorted companion animals and medicate myself

Mmmm strange that David’s not up yet

breakfast and a cuppa later and he still hasn’t stirred

so I decide to be a good mum take him brekkie in bed

and discover one feverish boy in rather ‘nasty’ pjs and bedding

you DO NOT want to know what his bathroom and toilet looked /smelt like
but I was thankful for the stuffed up nose
cue frantically fast shower plus change of bedclothes and David popped back into bed for the morning

At this stage I ring the new parents with the reason why we are definitely not going for a drive down to Melbourne, and also my aged MIL to explain that she can’t go see the baby yet.
At least they are all suitably understanding

and my son volunteers that from water breaking to delivery was 6 hours
Our not-so-little man had to be suctioned out but it went quite smoothly, in constrast to all the kerfuffle of his big brother’s arrival.
I rack up maximum Mum points by not pointing out for the fifty millionth time that he should’ve been a Caesarian [ C section ]
I asked if we have a prospective Melbourne FC full forward ?
SJ replies ” He’s the whole back row”

which brings me to his weight.
According to the quick calculation that Stephen was given by the nurses, 4.66 kg is 10 lb 4 oz, the 2 sites I looked at for conversion said 10 lb 2 oz and 10 lb 3 oz. I’m inclined to call it 10/3 but whatever it is, he’s a whopper

the remainder of the day has featured bathroom scrubbing, washing of quilts, sheets, etc, and when I thought that it was all over and I could settle down for a quiet knit …

fresh cat pee all over a wire basket/ drawer thingie full of yarn.

SOMEONE [ who ? me ? ] had neglected to check that the cupboard door was properly closed.

Although on the plus side
…at least it was fresh cat pee
… and [ as someone on Ravelry pointed out] I’ve gotten all the c**p out of the way in one hit.
… and David’s bedding was due to be washed anyway – even though I probably wouldn’t have chosen to do it today
… and now I have a sparkly clean bathroom and loo
… the yarn will probably survive
… I have a perfect excuse to go out and buy more splastic storage tubs
… I think it is hayfever
… David’s fever seems to have broken
… and now that I come to think of it, I’m going down to Melbourne next Saturday to meet up with Ms Alice at Die Fledermaus [ David Hobson yum ] so that trip down might well segue into an extra baby snuzzling opportunity
… and there’s always tomorrow
or Monday


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