>FO catchup and gratuitous cute cat

>Despite the fact that I only finished the one quilt last year [ at a quarter to midnight on New Year’s Eve ] I totally failed to show you documentary proof of same.

So here ‘t’is:
It doesn’t have a name yet, and isn’t from a pattern per se, but is the latest in a long, long line of quilts made using my friend Anjii’ Solomon’s ever-so-clever Angle technique.*

The top was made in ’05 or ’06 as an extra class sample
but I only just got around to having it quilted late last year
and as it ain’t a quilt ’til it’s quilted, I’m claiming it as a 2009 quilt.

and THIS little sleeping bag was a really quick crochet project back in April, before I found out that Noah was going to be such a … substantial … birth weight

The pattern is a freebie from Sue Thompson
I did modify a bit by tapering the sleeves and doing a gentle increase at the sides of the bag/skirt portion, but nothing too drastic.

and finally, the gratuitous gorgeous feline is my grandkitten Suki

*Anjii’s Angles by Anjii Solomon & friends [ of which I’m one ] Pride Publishing 2004


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