>Yes Cinderella DID go to the Ball

>I am fully aware that “Line Dance” and “Ball” placed in close proximity could be considered an oxymoron.
Nonetheless, once a year for the last 14 years, roughly 800 to 1200 Bootscooters, Two-Steppers, and the odd renegade Clogger, have forgathered in one of several venues in and around Melboune, on a Saturday evening in late June, in enough glitz, glitter and bling as to be considered overdressed by your average drag queen.

Indeed, I’m fairly certain that ‘Good taste’ and ‘Bootscooting’ have probably never before appeared in the same sentence
However, having not been to The Ball since 2003, I was more than happy to be offered a ticket / place on the bus about 3 days before the event, and on a weekend when David was unexpectedly in Respite.
Yee Ha! [ as it were ]

So, after a quick raid on the ‘dressups’ box in the shed, this is moi
Everything still fitted … more or less
… and you might please bear in mind that I was considered perhaps a wee bit underdressed [ she says tongue firmly in cheek ]:black tiered peasant skirt and top, crazy patchwork tuxedo style vest, 70 year old rhinestones, my best competition-standard cowdy hat [ with $2 plastic tiara ] a belt buckle big enough to choke a horse, and fringed cowdy boots.


We were picked up about 45 minutes late by the chartered bus full of Bendigo dancers who had definitely already started celebrating, and headed down to Melbourne through a beautiful crisp winter day
that quickly deteriorated into solid-rain-and-football-traffic but still got out to Keysborough with time to spare.
This year there were only 70 dances on the program [ last time we went there were 88 ]
I did about 15 – 20 [ last time ? 80 ]
Given that I’ve had nearly a year off with the surgeries, 15-20 was probably about 5 too many so it’s just as well I didn’t know too many more, eh ?

This is self with my good friend Karen and her partner Malcom. Poor man doesn’t dance and was probably bored out of his brain but hid it well[ish]
Amazing what I can achieve with a bit of Polyfilla and industrial strength makeup, isn’t it ???

I didn’t turn into a pumpin at midnight, or lose a glass slipper, and the dancing finished at 1 am.

Bus ride home through peasoup fog [ so glad I hadn’t driven]
to be dropped off at Harcourt at 3.15 am – zero degrees – and a slow fogbound drive home from there, which saw me into bed around 4.

those flipping inconsiderate goats proceeded to demand breakfast approximately 5 minutes later, although my clock insists it was actually all of 7am.


>getting there

>I know that I showed you this year’s Christmas quilt ages ago , all beautifully quilted and lacking only its binding.
Some among you may have wondered why there has since been no photo and associated ‘ta-da’ of a finished object.
Well, the truth is that Christmas is still 6 months away and there have been other things on the agenda [ including getting the binding onto Nadie’s quilt that she made for her God-daughter, which I also haven’t shown you. Yes. I know. I have some catching up to do. Bad blogger. BAD BAD BAD ]

Anyway, that Christmas quilt has been languishing on the end of the couch, with her inner bits exposed to public gaze, for all this time and the only tender touch it has felt in all that time has come from a sucession of small animals:

who find it quite acceptable even with a needle parked in there somewhere.

Last weekend matters came to a head when Chris and Maz were indulging in some television in front of the fire and looking for some extra warmth. In this house there are two kinds of quilts – the ones on the walls and the others which are for sleeping under or being wrapped up in.
So naturally Chris made a grab for the nearest-and-largest and by extension, warmest. I had to leap into action to avoid one of them getting stabbed, and another, albeit smaller, couch quilt was hastily substituted with no harm done … and most importantly, no blood on the quilt. Never let it be said that my priorities are out of whack.
Since then – when not engaged in the daily ritual bonfiring – guilt has forced me to re-engage with the binding, and there has been progress. Slightly less than one side remains to be sewn down.
Expect photographic proof soon …

but it won’t be today or tomorrow , because Cinders is going to The Ball and I’ll tell you all about THAT tomorrow.

>Why there haven’t been any posts since Sunday

>One of the realities of life on a bush block, is that 10 acres of ‘mostly-trees-and-stunted-shrubby-things-and-grasses’ can produce an awful lot of detritus in any given year.
True, some of that gets to just lie there and break down into mulch, but an awful lot of it – especially anything within a hundred yards/metres of the house – has to be disposed of one way or another before the next bushfire season.

Especially my arch nemesis the bloody Coffee Bush.
Mind you … even though I had done a lot of pre-purchase research, I still bought a block that hadn’t been adequately cleared for about a decade, and moved in on the first day of Summer.
Not the best of timing because I learned very quickly that one doesn’t go blundering around in knee-high vegetation in snake season

… not unless one has a death wish
… or is very very stupid
… or doesn’t think they need to listen to the veteran bushie living next door

I’ve been playing catchup in autumn / winter pretty much ever since.
It will possibly not have escaped the attention of longtime blog readers that, just prior to LAST bushfire season, I had multiple major surgeries and a slowish recuperation

so basically I’m almost a year behind in the grand plan
but this is okay
I rarely need an excuse for a good bonfiring [ in the proper season of course ]My inner pyromaniac has been having a wonderful couple of weeks

My back not so much, but I figure that’s what industrial strength pain killers were invented for, right?

Rosie is helping

so is Bear

the cats are – of course – above such menial tasks and have opted for a supervisory role from the back of the couch

>I just couldn’t decide

>there were several possible topics for today’s post:

I could’ve finally written about the cute I-Spy quilt my darling daughter has been working on [ which was actually finished a couple of weeks ago, but had to be kept under wraps until it was given to the intended recipient ]
I could’ve written about the sudden and devastating loss of one of David’s friends, and his very moving funeral
I could have written about the pleasures associated with Maz-and-Chris’s stay here from Thursday through till this morning
I could’ve written more about the desecration of our beloved botanical gardens
I could’ve shown you my spiffy new design wall, and the progress on Nadie-and-Chris’ wedding quilt
or the week’s knitting, both finished and in progress

ARRRRGH!my head is on overload … warning! warning! meltdown in progress!

so you’re just getting the totally gratuitous cute dawg sitting in his basket of toys

>The Domestic Staff is otherwise engaged …

>… Dr Who Marathon on UKTV this Queen’s Birthday Holiday long weekend apparently.

so I’ve commandeered the blog again to show you the sort of nonsense we have to put up with around here
Is this anyway to treat Royalty ?
If I wasn’t such benevolent ruler I would have fired her on the spot.

HRH Princess Sophie

>Free Pattern Friday: SeaMist Scarf or Stole

>Finally [ and apologies because it took me longer than I anticipated ] here’s the ‘recipe’ for my SeaMist Stole – which I mainly wear as a scarf, so I’m calling it both of those.

This was essentially an exercise to see how far I could go with a single ball of Noro Kureyon Sock which has a fairly impressive 420 metres per ball. If you want to sub another sock weight yarn, you’ll need to watch the yardage.
NOTE: If you’ve never used Kureyon before, don’t be put off by the stringy texture on the ball … a nice bath in cheapo hair conditioner and it softens up quite nicely.

FURTHER NOTE: Kureyon changes colour approximately every 15 metres. As I knit that’s a fairly close appoximation of one repeat of this pattern, however, as always, your mileage may vary.
It was pure chance that the ball I chose had a colour change just where I started my cast on. Serendipity really.

I added an extra eyelet row to the stitch pattern once I worked out that it would produce these lovely stripes.

Yarn: Noro Kureyon Sock [ colour 150 ] 1 ball or 420 metres of equivalent sock yarn
Needles: 5.5 mm / US size 9
blocked measurement: 58″ x 16″ [ could also block longer/narrower as a scarf ]

k knit
p purl
YO yarn over
psso pass slipped stitch over
k2tog knit 2 together
cast off = bind off


cast on 65 stitches loosely

row 1 k
row 2 k 3, p to last 3 stitches, k 3
row 3 k
row 4 k 3, *YO, k1, slip 1, K2tog, psso,k1, YO, k1 repeat from * to last 2 stitches, k2.
row 5 k3, p to last 3 stitches, k3
rows 6 – 9 repeat rows 4 and 5 twice
row 10 repeat row 4

repeat these 10 rows [ approximately ] 27 times ending with rows 1 -3
and cast off loosely [ I went up one needle size for the cast off ]

wet block reasonably aggressively – it will grow quite a bit either in width or length – your choice!

for a narrower/ wider scarf stole, add or subtract stitches in multiples of 6 … which will of course, affect your yardage

Please comment if you find errors

copyright 2010 Susan Iacuone for personal and charity use. You can knit these for sale, but please don’t sell my free pattern or the karma fairy will visit your house and bite you in the bum.