>A catz werk iz never dun

>a missive from Her Royal Highness Sophie:

Sometimes one just has to put one’s paw down.

Now, it’s well known that I am a benevolent ruler … kind … gentle … fair … and generally prepared to let Catsmum [ aka The Staff ] have her head when it comes to the contents of this blog but let’s be honest
there’s been a disinct lack of feli-centric reportage lately.


and today she’s been dithering about whether this post should be about all that knitting she’s been doing lately, or about nadie’s quilting activities …
so while she makes up what has been laughingly referred to as her mind, I have decided to step in and commandeer the keyboard for a post about my own craft activities.

My primary role as patented yarn tensioning device is well documented

but you may not be aware that I am also rather talented when it comes to ‘sitting-on-the-lap-of-the person-trying-to-embroider’

and also ‘the-person-attempting-to sew-her-quilt-together’ [ which happens to be Nadie in both cases ]what can I tell you ? I’m just rather good at multi- crafting.

and I have no idea how I ended up with this strange blank white box thingie in the post but The Staff can’t seem to make it disappear .


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