>Friday Fotos

>You could say that ‘t’was a little bit chilly this morning [ minus .5 ]

Certain unimpressed caprines alerted me to the need to de-ice their drinking water

but on the plus side, I had a perfect excuse to cover myself in knitterly goodness:

my black alpaca wristwarmer/fingerless gloves
black merino cowl
hand knitted Brrripple socks [ which were not black, but inside cowdy boots the colour was largely immaterial … although, just for the record and in the interests of full disclosure, they were green ]and
ta da

the latest iteration of the Weekender beret

I realise that you haven’t actually seen versions one and two yet, but that gives me blog fodder for another day, right ?


found these Christmas bits and pieces at the Salvos Op Shop for the grand sum of 60 cents.
which I do realise has not the slightest connection to the rest of the post, but … meh! … can’t always craft a clever segue, and I was thrilled to find ’em which is reason enough for a photo or two.


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