>Why there haven’t been any posts since Sunday

>One of the realities of life on a bush block, is that 10 acres of ‘mostly-trees-and-stunted-shrubby-things-and-grasses’ can produce an awful lot of detritus in any given year.
True, some of that gets to just lie there and break down into mulch, but an awful lot of it – especially anything within a hundred yards/metres of the house – has to be disposed of one way or another before the next bushfire season.

Especially my arch nemesis the bloody Coffee Bush.
Mind you … even though I had done a lot of pre-purchase research, I still bought a block that hadn’t been adequately cleared for about a decade, and moved in on the first day of Summer.
Not the best of timing because I learned very quickly that one doesn’t go blundering around in knee-high vegetation in snake season

… not unless one has a death wish
… or is very very stupid
… or doesn’t think they need to listen to the veteran bushie living next door

I’ve been playing catchup in autumn / winter pretty much ever since.
It will possibly not have escaped the attention of longtime blog readers that, just prior to LAST bushfire season, I had multiple major surgeries and a slowish recuperation

so basically I’m almost a year behind in the grand plan
but this is okay
I rarely need an excuse for a good bonfiring [ in the proper season of course ]My inner pyromaniac has been having a wonderful couple of weeks

My back not so much, but I figure that’s what industrial strength pain killers were invented for, right?

Rosie is helping

so is Bear

the cats are – of course – above such menial tasks and have opted for a supervisory role from the back of the couch


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