>Ruby here …

>Mu-u-u-u-m wants me to tell you:
that this last week’s been very, very full, mostly pretty damn good, and she WILL try to do a catch up post over the weekend
basically … well … she’s totally and completely exhausted

so all you’re getting is a picture of my newly pedicured toes

don’t I look just maa-a-a-ah-velous ?


>what you can do with 6 days

>Do you remember that gorgeous yarn I bought last Friday ?
It’s all grown up:

I’m going to wear it to the big Quilt & Craft show @ Jeff’s Shed*, down in Melbourne tomorrow [ just so I can show it to Nadie,Tara, and Luz ]

pattern: yes it’s another Forest Canopy Shawl [ Susan Lawrence]
needles: 5.5mm KP Options
yarn: EGMTK Sock [ no idea what the colour is called ] 610 metres
mods: 18 repeats of the main pattern and an extra repeat in the border
finished size: 78″ x 40″

* Jeff’s Shed is actually The Melbourne Convention Centre or somesuch but everyone [ including the Street Directory ] calls it Jeff’s Shed after the State Premier at the time it was built.

>FO and totally gratuitous animals

>Last week, I’d finished the Lara Pinwheel Cardi and promised visual proof, but it’s taken me until today to get a halfway reasonable photo of it.

It was duly ‘christened’ on Thursday night at choir, followed by a second outing at the Sheep & Wool Show, and, despite numerous compliments coupled with requests to “turn round so that I can look at the back”, etc., not one photo where you could actually see the garment.

So I was finally forced to resort – as so often in the past – to layering it on over mum’s wedding dress on the mannequin in the loungeroom.
Of course I didn’t think to do it in nice, clear daylight, so the colour is a bit washed out

but at least let’s you see a bit of the detail. Dark dark charcoal is so hard to capture digitally. The last one is truer for depth of colour [ if you can call charcoal a colour ]

Lara Pinwheel Jacket [ freebie ]
KP Harmony 5mm and 3.5mm crochet hook for edging
Body – BWM Rustic 5 ply in Graphite [ sadly discontinued ]
Crochet edging BWM Rustic 8ply in Graphite

made the sleeves slightly longer, and left of most of the rows of crochet arcs in the border – too ‘froofy’ for me

I’m not convinced that a swing jacket with cutaway front is really suited to a middle-aged, overweight Catsmum but people seemed to luuurve the back!!

totally unrelated and completely gratuitous Rosie and Bear

>Wool & Sheep part 2: the people

>Please don’t all collectively keel over with shock, but I have none of the semi-mandatory Fibre Festival pics of assorted unbearably cute ovine & camelid species.

In fact there was absolutely no interaction with assorted fleece -bearing livestock this time round at all

just totally ran out of time I’m afraid

and the reason ?
just too many people I needed to hug / chat with / buy stuff from / have coffee with
wherever one looked there were small groups foregathering – frequently in the middle of the road – mostly sporting Ravelry badges
I wonder what the appropriate collective noun would be for a group of Ravellers ?
A rave of Ravellers perhaps ? or a ravelling ?

I’m afraid the cute-and-fleecy didn’t get a look-in

Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start. When you read you begin with …
[ Okay. I’m back! Slight detour into Sound of Music territory there ]
Anyway WE started of the morning at The Flower Shed where I left most of my yarn/fibre budget in the hands of Mandie from Ewe Give me The Knits

There was time for a hug with the giant green bunny [ Charlie from IxchelBunny – she who was the recipient of the great big blanket ‘o love ]

A little later, while the fashion show went on largely ignored – at least by me – Jeanette and I had coffee / chai with the lovely Bells, seen here wearing her Coraline cardi
and Brangian shawl

… mmmm cashmere

and DrK [ aka Kylie ] wearing Ysolda Teague’s Rose Red Beret made by … guess who ? … RoseRed … appropriate, yes ? ]

Also at the table with us: Bells’ friends, the delightful Knitabulous [ Ailsa – on the left ] in her Ishbel beret, and Randomknits [Donna ] wearing a beautiful “Gretel” beret by Ysolda Teague that you totally can’t see in this photo and “Aran Scarf” by Veronica Manno. Right at the end as they got up to leave the table – and after this photo was taken – they both pulled on truly amazing gloves. Luckily for you lot, there are details on both their blogs.

True to form, Bells whipped out the current travelling knitting:

her aptly named Bendigo socks.
In a moment of shockingly unprecedented short-sightedness, I had signally failed to come likewise prepared … bad Catsmum … bad … bad … bad !
I was so much in danger of withdrawal symptoms that I had to come home and cast on a new shawl straight away
but that’s a post for another day

and in a postscript to yesterday, Tara has kindly offered to pick up a lambieskin for Noah tomorrow.
Her blood’s worth bottling!

>sort of catch up and some old family pics

I am aware that I haven’t posted since the weekend
it’s been a busy week
– spinning with the TDF
– a break from the above when I decided that there was an outside chance that I could, just possibly, drag the Lara Pinwheel cardi out of time-out and get it finished to wear to the Wool & Sheep Show at Spendigo tomorrow
[ I knew that I had to finish yesterday if there was going to be any chance of it drying enough to wear by Friday … finished 11.45 pm last night, wet blocked it before I went to bed and the result is currently luxuriating in front of the fire … and yes, there will be photos later when it’s dry, and the ends are woven in. No I didn’t do that first. I wanted to get the beggar blocked and on the path to drying before I hit the sack.]

-physio appointment for the wonky hip [ second one happening in half an hour so this has to be brief … and let me just say that if you must do painful exercises it is made slightly more bearable and/or embarrassing when the new physio is young, male and super-cute ]

– oh, and there was the dropping of about 10 kilos [ that’s 22 pounds ] worth of log onto my foot when the woodpile collapsed somewhat unexpectedly, and – seriously – if I hadn’t had wellies on, I suspect I could currently be sporting a plaster cast right now instead of just an interestingly blued foot.

There was some other stuff in there as well

F’rinstance there was a celebratory natal-day cofffee & chat & handing over of pressie [ another Yarn Harlot book ] for Ms Jeanette

There was a flying visit including lunch-and-fondling-of-Spendigo-goodies at Ms Tara’s. This was extended to include tickles and cuddles with the resident kidlets.

– I n connection with the visit Chez MacGrath, I vaguely recall staging a preemptive strike on the magic-back-room-of-special-discounts at BWM ahead of the scheduled plundering by the voracious hoardes* which is probably already in progress.

The rest is a blur of TDF fuel sleep deprivation

so in lieu of the photos I haven’t taken yet of finished object and newly augmented stash,
here are some old family pics which will only be of interest to the rest of my family but tough. That’s all I’ve got for you 🙂

I think this was possibly my first day of school

[ with my BIG cousin Stephen who was a whole year older ]

This is big cousin Stephen’s baby brother, Andrew in my doll pram – so I would have been just hitting 8. From memory the shabby, much washed, much loved, and nearly-grown-out-of dress was red.

and that’s a selection of the grandkids with Marnie [ my wonderful English maternal grandmother ] my mum to the left with my brother Bill [3] in front of her, Auntie Judy kneeling with her youngest, my cousin Randal [2], his sister Janis [3] in front of me, and that’s Andrew again on Marnie’s knee.

** voracious hoardes = fellow yarnies in town for the Wool & Sheep