>Mini Quilt Show part 1

I’ve made well over 200 quilts … not sure how many exactly because I stopped counting, or otherwise keeping track, about a decade ago … and there are an awful lot that I don’t have photos of any more.
Most of those would have been early pre-digital-image ones, and to be brutally honest, a lot were pretty ordinary … not poorly made you understand. just … well… maybe a bit … ummm … pedestrian.
Most were made just because I just couldn’t imagine NOT making quilts. They were made for my home and family, given away as gifts, or charity donations, or made as class samples once I started teaching, and later for publication.
Anyway as I said, a lot of those ones I don’t have digital photos of [ and quite possibly wouldn’t own up to even if I did ]
so basically you’re getting a random selection of what’s on the computer, which almost by definition, means the later stuff
No promises that you won’t have seen them on the blog before either

[ because basically I’m far too lazy to go back and check ]
but they’ll hopefully be new to some of you


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