>There is a season … turn, turn, turn ….

>Ms Quilting Mojo has been back in residence for a while, so I kinda half expected it, and yup, this weekend her sister Spinning Mojo turned up after an absence of almost exactly a year.

Not a word have I heard from her since the end of the Tour De Fleece last year, but let her get the slightest hint that those cute-little-bottoms-in-tight-lycra are about to hit the pavements [ not too literally please] of France and Belgium, et voila, there she is … on the doorstep … expecting to be allowed some space on the couch in front of the fire.
Seriously, why do I tolerate this type of behaviour ?

Same as last year:
Not a note
Not a phonecall
Not so much as a postcard
For all I knew she was lying in a ditch somewhere

Ms Charlotte Sheridan [ who obviously has a more forgiving nature than I do ] welcomed her back with open … ahh … bobbinsYes, I know I should be grateful that she’s back in the fold, obviously healthy and unharmed …

but at the very least she might have warned me about the pitfalls associated with wearing clothes that contrast with the ‘fleece du jour’

which is more of my ‘Big Bag O’ Alpaca from the Op Shop’


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