>more ‘splaining and a blogiversary

>so following on from yesterday’s post:

David has stopped throwing up everything in sight, has managed a couple of small, bland meals [ if two wheet-bix, and two slices of toast-and-a-scrape-of-vegemite can be called meals ]
He’s managed to stay out of bed all day too [ armchair, a blanket, tellie and the fire ] so we are cautiously optimistic, although he’ll be staying home tomorrow just to be sure.
This gastro has landed several locals in hospital, including at least one of David’s mates, so call me an overprotective mum if you like but I’m taking no chances.

The Doctor visit this arvo has resulted in an immediate appointment with the Opthalmology Clinic up in Bendy tomorrow, so I had to call in some favours with HACCS at the Shire to get Carer coverage on such short notice, but they were pretty good about it and rearranged rosters to free up David’s preferred Carer [ps this NEVER happens!!! ]

Given that I’ll have those lovely drops in, and we don’t have a clue about the time frame, the ever thoughtful Tara has suggested that I park at hers, she’ll run me to the Clinic and wait-with-travel-knitting, and then I can visit Chez FiestyWench until the drops wear off enough to drive home 50 km in safety.

I haz gooood frenz 🙂

I have to say the flickering actinic flashes are quite unnerving … but not enough to stop me from:

this is Brangian, which has been in my queue ever since Bells blogged about hers. Seeing it up close and personal a couple of weeks ago at the Wool & Sheep show just served to totally reinforce that desire.
Not that this is anything like Bell’s delicate cashmere version. Ooooh no!
This is a solid, sturdy, 8ply [DK ] Brangian which will keep me warm if I ever again get stuck for an extended period in a b****y freezing bus terminal.

yarn: BWM Luxury 8ply cream, dyed in a mix of Landscapes Barossa and Currawong. The yarn for the border was dyed only with Currawong [black ] and I really love that subtle change.

needles: 5mm KP Options
Modifications: 3 repeats of unchart 2, 1 of unchart 3.
Loved doing this even with the added distraction of the flashing lights, and would certainly do it again
July 29 – August 2

the Merino/ Soy [80/20] that I bought from lovely Mandie of EGMTK at the Wool & Sheep Show. This stuff is lush, shiny, soft … I’m loving it. probably going to end up as a 2ply about sport weight
[ which we Aussies call 5ply, so a 2ply 5ply ? meh … bit too confusing
I’ll just stick to calling it sport ]

then there was the working on Nadie & The Boy’s queen sized wedding quilt
coming along quite nicely I think
so that’s about it for my 4th Blogiversary post … Happy Blogiversary to me !


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