>… a-n-d again

>Outside it’s blowing a gale.
As with quite a bit of this week, there have been various levels of precipitation … aah … precipitating.
There are two happy ducks
and four very grumpy goats

one small dawg who won’t go out to do what a dawg’s gotta do, unless I can absolutely, hand-on-my-heart guarantee him that he won’t get wet

and three cats who are perfectly willing and able to use a litter box.

There has been a certain level of feline gloating about that last fact, and nasturtiums have been cast in Bear’s general direction concerning his lack of manliness … er… dogliness

and the tweaking of the wedding quilt continues:

Today was spent making minute changes and taking about 50 substantially identical photographs but I’ll take pity on you all – here’s the most recent:

I’ll even tempt the Fates and suggest that I have now made all the necessary blocks [ including all the ones that didn’t survive the cull ], stitched the sashiko, and am into the hand-appliqueing of assorted waves.


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