>who dat girl ?

>a ‘slightly‘ smaller me in 1993/4, and though you can’t see most of it, my hair is in a french braid down the back*by ’98 the poundage is higher and the hair is shorter – and I’m letting the natural wave …umm…wavethese days the poundage is higher again and the hair – straightish – couldn’t be much shorter without resorting to a razor

Is there an inverse correlation between weight and hair mass I wonder ? Does that mean, if I grow my hair out again, I’ll lose weight ?

* I still have that silk bargello vest tucked away. Not that anyone would wear it now [ except as fancy dress ] but I loved the colours and put such a lot of work into it that I can’t bear the thought of tossing it out. Oh, just look at those shoulders! Can we say early 90s ?


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