>I’m ecstatic for two reasons.
Firstly I got another wonderful care package from Caity – four more issues of Machine Quilting Unlimited, a really interesting mag that I’d never seen before Caity sent me one a while back.
So a huge thankyou to my friend for her generous spirit. I’m not at all sure what I’ve done to deserve it, but thankyou.but I did say I had two reasons to be excited, right ? Well, I opened the top mag on the pile and was flicking through when I found THIS

…this quilt Circles Of Life was made by my very very dear friend [ for more than 25 years ] Linda French of Centerville, Ohio
and if it looks familiar, well, yes, I DID show it to you once before when it picked up Best of Show in the American Quilters Society show in Tennessee last year
and she’s done it again

This spread was in honour of her Best of Show at the Machine Quilters Expo earlier this year
and now I have to ask you all to keep your fingers crossed for the next little while because this special quilt is on its way to Houston ! [ which, for you non-quilters, is the biggest most prestigous quilt show in the world … and to even be juried in is just a huge huge deal ]

Am I proud of my friend ? you betcha!
Am I surprised ? Not in the slightest

edited to add:
I found a wonderful article about Linda here [ and yes, I still have that quilt she made for ‘Susan’ in 1985 ]

and another article [ covering much the same ground ] here


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