>Doing my bit to support the locals

>At the Wool & Sheep Show 2 or 3 years ago, I happened upon a colourful stall where the lovely Peter was selling his ‘made in Bendigo’ name jigsaws.

As luck would have it, just as I strolled over, someone was getting Peter to hand down a ‘Riley’ [ which as y’all know is my eldest grandson ] and when I asked was there another, it transpired that no, this was the last one, but he could do me one on order.

The other prospective customer immediately offered to let me have it [ as she lived quite close to them ] and the little bloke scored it as a ‘just cos’ pressie.

Fast forward to this year ‘s Sheep Show

When I asked #1 son whether something similar would be acceptable for the new little one, his answer was … “Why on earth wouldn’t it be ? It’s Riley’s favourite thing “
Well, okay… nice to know
there wasn’t a Noah, so one was ordered, and I consoled myself with a super cute little sheep puzzle
and no, it’s not for the boys
it’s mine !
and yesterday I collected the puzzle that Peter had made

as you can see they’re bright and well made and sturdy

and if you’d like to check out the rest of the range it’s here

my sheepie is at the top of the farm animals page but now I’m coveting that goat further down.
Maybe P could make me one to match the colours of Ms Sheepie !

and he posts worldwide peoples


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