>As promised

>here’s a slightly better pic of the newest shawl in my handspun alpaca

and with no attempt at a segue

so far this week has involved:

dance class [ Line dancing and yes, I know it’s daggy … it’s exercise people, exercise ]
gardening – or more specifically weeding, weeding and more weeding
knitting [ cast on a new shawl, and rediscovered a three quarters finished pair of wristwarmers that I now won’t be able to wear till next winter ]
quilting [Yes, new quilt. The wall looked so bare. Yes, I know there are UFOs I could be working on. Your point is … ? ]
another dance class [ clogging over at Daylesford ]
and that was just Monday!

Purl’s Princesses knitting group @ Daylesford [ 45 kilometre drive each way on a perfect spring morning ]
clearing the block [ raking, piling and bonfiring* ]
more quilting
some falling-in-a-heap
almost nothing remotely resembling housework

MORE clearing-the-block
first time @ a Zumba class
and back to the raking, etc
a bit of quilting
no knitting at all
and choir tonight

I think I might just crawl over to the couch and collapse for a while now if you don’t mind

* fire ban season will be on us in about a month, hence the frenzy of clearing as much as possible of the detritus bought down over winter, and burning while we can. Ten acres of bush can carry quite a fuel load if you don’t keep on top of it … and … my inner pyro thoroughly enjoys a good bonnie.


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