>Monday Miscellany

>Okay so:
Saturday was David’s birthday.
Nadie came up
Friend Robyn [ she who’s own birthday avec flood was chronicled a fortnight ago ] brought her DD Jessie over.
Jessie and Dave are of the shared opinion that presents +cake-and-balloons = party regardless of the number of people involved.

Saturday night was spent recovering from the effects of a junk food overdose.

Yesterday saw another gathering of the clans for a Works-In-Progress day
… knitting, crochet, beading and quilting all featured

I was working on the red and black stack-and-slash, Nadie was working on her teal and turquoise one … with a side foray into beaded wedding favours, Tara was knitting a sock, Val was stitching, and as you can see she brought Chantelle [ show & tell ]

Michelle was piecing a quilt in vintage-look repros, and Marcie was crocheting a cardi for one of her girls. Lizzie I think. Lizzie from Wednesday Peace Choir … as opposed to her sister Katie from Thursday Chat Warblers.

a good time was had by all [ as far as I’m aware ] and we’ll do it again soon
… and can you all send healing thoughts in the general direction of J9, who called in sick with a rotten migraine ?

Today I took His Beariness out to Emu Creek. I got to snuggle his four new little half-sisters who arrived on the weekend. Bear hasn’t actually been introduced to his newly extended family yet.

He spent the day playing with, and cheering up, his sister Molly [ who has been banished from the immediate vicinity of the puppies by mum Misty ]

BTW Bear and Molly are Fox Terrier cross Maltese/Papillon.
These new additions

are Foxy cross ‘whatever the heck the Farrier’s dog is, as far as we know it’s Jack Russell Terrier’
the visit also included:
a lovely lunch
post-prandial bottle feeding of 8 gorgeous new Anglo-Nubians [ always gooood but I forgot to take the camera up to the stables … bad Catsmum bad … so no kiddy pix till next visit ]
There was horse patting
general garden admiring-and-raiding

your basic day at Pete and Brenda’s

and then Bear and I proceeded home in a car redolent with the smells of a bootload of plants, spilt goat milk, and the substances which tend to accrue around new babies of any species.

Since then I’ve planted most of the largesse from Brenda, squared up the final blocks for the quilt, made dinner, and I’m just about to make a cuppa, to be consumed with some of Val’s slice from yesterday. I confidently predict that knitting-with-Dr-Who will occupy the rest of the evening.
Although there may be quilting.


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