>and it all started so well

>It was an absolutely perfect Spring morning

The obvious response was a leisurely breakfast in the garden with David, and the full complement of domestic retainers for company.
Breakfast over, I could have perhaps headed back inside and done dishes, made beds, dealt with laundry and the rest of the never-ending roster of housework but … come on … Sunday morning, sun shining, bees buzzing, birds singing, and the garden chiming in with its own siren song, so I bowed to the inevitable, slapped on a hat and the 30+ sunscreen, unfurled the garden umbrella and settled in with the current book.

Reading-in-the-sun segued into an hour or so of weed pulling

later there was even knitting

but then for some totally inexplicable reason, I decided to get to grips with the long put off and increasingly pressing need to find the septic tank, based on the incredibly vague location supplied by the previous owner [and I’m just hoping it’s not now buried under a flower garden ]

So here are the things I learned today:

dawgs are just as attracted to quilts in progress as the cats

but I already knew that

umm … how about

People who have spent a goodly part of the day swinging a pick-axe probably shouldn’t attempt after dinner free-motion quilting [ with or without said canine accompaniment ]


If my surgeon didn’t want me to swing a pickaxe, he should have added that to the list of banned activities. Like splitting firewood
Strangely I don’t think this even occurred to him.

So that was my day.

My agenda now involves hot shower, a wheat pack, mega doses of magnesium, bed, book, decaf mochachino, and quite possibly large doses of industrial strength painkillers… and porridge [ oatmeal ] … I have a sudden and overwhelming need for porridge.
So if you’ll please excuse me, I have a date with the microwave.


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