>sometimes my life sucks beyond the telling

>it’s been such a lo-o-o-ong week
some good stuff happened
some not-so [ which you largely don’t need to know about ]

What I will tell you is that Ms Gwen [ introduced to you in the previous post ] celebrated her 90th birthday with a full-blown myocardial infarction [ that’s a heart attack to we lay people ] and underwent double by-pass surgery 48 hours ago.
She has come through okay – so far – but I’m sure you all get why I haven’t been exactly bubbling over with the zumba classes, birthday lunches with friends, the quilting and knitting et cetera, or even the wedding that is now only 2 weeks away!!

I definitely needed to restore my equilibrium:

My self prescribed remedy was tea-and-book-in-the-garden-with-animals. Friend Robyn dropped by and bought flowers … red ranunculas … and also lunch [ which we had in said garden with said animals ]

so today? Definitely not so suck-y


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