>Kids In The Kitchen

>Bear and I have come back from Emu Creek covered in baby goat dribble, milk and other less savoury bodily fluids.

Do we care ?

Well, I certainly don’t,
and I’m pretty sure Bear is only going to start caring when he discovers that there is a B-A-T-H in his immediate future.

The theory was that I was going over to:
1. Meet the three little does born earlier in the week
2. Help PND and Brenda to feed those three, plus the eight from a few weeks ago, whilst simultaneously conducting a guided tour of the farm for a busload of kindergarteners.
3. Check in with Bear’s little half sisters

#1 & #3 happened but due to the torrential downpour of the last 24 hours, #2 was put on hold until next week

probably just as well too says I

because [ 4 days overdue ] Ms India decided she wasn’t waiting any longer.
Ten minutes before I arrived – inconsiderate animal – she produced a tiny wee girl followed, minutes later, by a whopping big boy – so I was met by Brenda and a box full of wet, mucky kids, which we proceeded to bottle feed their mum’s colostrum while PND helped deliver another tiny little sister.
Here she is at about 3 minutes old

pause for collective awwwwwwwwwww

here’s the boy about 2 hours old and already up on his feet, and able to climb out of his box

These are the little does from earlier in the week [ twins and a singleton ]

and just so I can’t be accused of one sided caprine favouritism, Bear’s little sisters who have grown exponentially
[ and yes I know that’s to be expected in 2 weeks but I still get a kick out of it ]
Don’t you just love Misty’s harassed new mother expression ?

feel free to insert another awwwwwww here


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