>Halloween 101

>If US television and the innernetz are to be believed [ and – hey! – if it’s on the Internet, well, it MUST be true, right ? ] millions of US parents have just spent a bazillion gajillion dollars, and/or vast amounts of time and energy, in ensuring that their li’l monsters’ Halloween dreams did not go unfulfilled.

Wasted effort people! Wasted!

Really, all you needed to do was catch some kind of gastric flu bug, suffer the MUTHAH of all migraines for 5 or 6 days with a side of throwing up your toes, and other bodily functions that I’ll choose not to dwell on here.

No solid food at all for about 96 hours,

and you too can – with no monetary outlay AT ALL
– do a very convincing impersonation of one of the living dead


yes I’m feeling much better
still light headed and wobbly
the house is slowly disappearing under a layer of suitably post-apocalyptic dust and detritus
but at least I’m in no longer in any immediate danger of being chased by angry villagers with pitchforks

and because you don’t need the visual

here’s some more wedding pix:


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