>Yes, I know that it’s three weeks

>… since Nadie and Chris’ wedding, and you still haven’t seen a ‘finished’ photo of their quilt.
No I didn’t forget.
With the having the flu, and then the recovering from the having the flu and all, it just got put in the too hard basket … or rather, the ‘too damn heavy’ basket.
It’s a BIIIIIG quilt, and it weighs a tonne/ton [ feel free to choose your preferred system of weight measurement ] so I pretty much haven’t had enough oomph in me to hold it up for long enough to pin it to the design wall … and to move the sewing tables out of the way as well.

that situation was finally rectified on the weekend, and Chris [ who has a better camera than I do ] took this shot for me.
and even though it’s pinned at ceiling height, it’s still on the carpet a bit.
Told you it was big!

and just to prove that it WAS finished on time and was indeed at the wedding, here’s the extremely mediocre shot I took of it spread over the couch in the Bride’s Retreat at Chateau Wyuna.
Now you can see why I waited to get a decent shot before posting


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