>Day 3 and the Tour ambles on

>… down the hallway, past the 20 year old Wild Goose Chase quilt

and the [ sadly undecorated ] laundry, into the main bearroom

… ahem … that should be bathroom.

resin bears by the bucketload

embroidered handtowels from the fair hand / machine of OzJane

a fake greenery garland sporting a few crochet stars and snowflakes

I also change the usual blue towels for hunter green and/or red in both the bathrooms but, given that the towel rails are behind the door, not too many people see them. so why do I do it ?
Ya gotta have fresh towels, right ? so why not green ?

I will admit that, for all of about five seconds, I did contemplate filling the bath with a bunch of Christmas bears [ genus stuffus toyus ] but decided that would just be making more work for myself when the real Bear needed a B-A-T-H.

Christmas decorating hint #1 – if it sits there for more than 30 seconds, tie a festive bow on it!
This applies equally to light fittings, furniture, domestic pets and any male visitor over 180cm or 6 feet.


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