>Still in the Big Room

>Today I thought that I’d share my collection of vintage Christmas postcards

these are the fruits of many years of scouring antique fairs
and most of them only cost me a dollar or two.

There ARE scarcer, more expensive ones out there. I just haven’t bought any .

Most of mine are from the US, a few are English, a couple appear to be German and one at least is Norwegian. Not a single one was printed in Australia, so I suppose that will have to remain my Holy Grail. I don’t even know if they produced them in Australia during the Edwardian period, which is when most of mine date from.

and you might want to click and enlarge for a closer look at some of the graphics.
There’s the expected holly, ivy and poinsettia, but quite a few feature subjects that don’t strike a modern eye as particularly festive … pansies for example … or violets … a stylish Gibson girl … kittens with roses

I especially like the ones that have postage cancellations [ dates are always good. It puts things in context. ] and faded, spidery copperplate writing.

One hundred years ago, Amelia wished Molly in Minneapolis ” very merry & happy Xmas times”

I wish you all the same


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