>If you’ll allow a mountaineering metaphor or three, today we step onto the summit … the peak … the pinnacle
After weeks of hard slog and unremitting effort, we have finally reached the other end of the House Tour from whence we started lo, these two weeks ago [ gotta love the opportunity to stick in a ‘whence’ and a ‘lo!’]
today we’re in the rumpus room … the domain of Father Christmas … Saint Nick … Santa … aka the fat bloke in the red suit

The room once likened to an explosion at the North Pole

I can never get a truly accurate count, but there’s a little over a hundred Santas in here, plus assorted bears and moose in santa suits … which is probably why I can never get a proper total. Where do I draw the line in defining ‘santa-ness’?
Is a bear in a Saint Nicholas robe, complete with luxurious, long, fake santa beard, a santa or not ?
No. I can’t decide either.

I try to acquire at least one Father Christmas – bought or made – per year, and usually exceed that quite easily. This year was no exception. Now, okay, this year I didn’t make any [ did manage multiple Christmas quilts though !! ] but Nadie bought me three little guys back in July, and I’ve added another two or three since then from a local gift shop that was changing hands.

There probably won’t be time for a post tomorrow – ‘t’is my natal day, so a lunch out with friends is on the cards, and then a Choral Christmas break-up party here later [ obviously with lots of singing ]
I like to keep busy on the 16th
As well as being my birthday, it’s also the day I lost Marc in ’99
so mixed emotiions

but I’ll be back on Friday


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