>A quilt, some goats and a good day out

>After His Royal Beariness and I dropped David off in town this morning, we choofed up the Freeway to Bendigo and picked up my newest quilt from Jodi Abel, longarm quilter par excellence.

Ms Jodi has done her usual wonderful job of enhancing my patchwork with her meticulous Japamese inspired machine quilting and I’m thrilled to bits with the result.

Then an already quite good day got even better, as we proceeded out to see PND and Brenda at Emu Creek.
Bear got to visit his extended family, which was why he was along for the ride, and I got to snuzzle – and bottle feed – some of the newest lot[s] of baby goaties:
some beautiful pure-bred Saanans

and some sweet little Nubian cross babies that have the same sire as my Ruby and Rowan.

After a substantial lunch, it was back home [ very carefully ] with a car loaded with wooden pallets, and also my very country Chrissie pressie from PND&B : a spiffy new water gauge to replace my cracked old one, a very fancy goat hoof-pick-and-brush, and last but not least, a box of Ferrero-Rocher chocs.

… and here’s the newest quilt in all its oriental splendour … which could be a pretty good name for it now that I come to think of it. What do you think, hmmm? Oriental Splendour ?
Yes ?
No ?

I still have to put on the binding and hand sew it down but I couldn’t resist laying it on the bed,
It’ll probably stay like that until after Christmas.


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