>Be Warned

>Basically, if you put your head through my door between the start of December and January 6th [ Twelfth Night ] you are going to find yourself admiring the Christmas decorations whether you want to or not
and I will grasp at any excuse that will get a few extra people through the door.

… you have a busload of Senior Cits to entertain? Bring ’em over
… require a venue for this year’s choir break-up party? No worries!

Need to kill 90 minutes or so with two busloadsof disabled adults from David’s thursday social club before pizza-dinner-and-Christmas-Lights-Tour ? *

Bring ’em here for junkfood, a visit from multiple Santas – and an elf – plus presents, candy canes, and a total overload of Christmasness

and someone obviously knows the hostess well:

I scored a really nice Christmas mug stuffed full of Robert Timms coffees, shortbread, & Twinings teas: English & Irish Breakfast, Earl Grey and Prince of Wales.

If you’ll pardon me, I’m off to become better acquainted with the Prince of Wales.

* a note for my Northern Hemisphere friends: because we are only a day or so past the Summer Solstice, it doesn’t get dark enough to see the Christmas lights until after 9pm. Hence the need to kill some extra time before dinner.


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