>racing towards the finish line

>It has been a week of extremes
half the country is under water. Seriously under water.
Not here though.
After all the rain we had in October/November, the dams are still delightfully full, but there’s been little evidence of moisture of late.

A week ago we had overnight lows of 4C/39F
… and today?
While it wasn’t the hottest New Year’s Eve I’ve experienced up here [ that distinction belongs to … I think … 2006, when it reached 48C, and was still over 40 at midnight ]
it did still get to 40.9. That’s 105.6F!
4 degrees above freezing to ” OMG I’m going to die of heat prostration” in less than a week.
Makes it very difficult to acclimatise
especially for the elderly.
My 90 year old, just-had-a-triple-bypass, darling Godmother came up for the day today, and I just kept thinking
“Thank God for the A/C”

After the visitors left, I was at a bit of a loose end, pottered around a bit, knitted some lace, browsed a couple of books … your basic dithering
then I decided to make another of those wrap aprons. Ma-in-law liked her Christmas one so much, I promised her another for her natal day in March.
I’m not sure whether this will be it.

It might be.
Or it might be for DIL who said she’d certainly wear one.

At least this way I’ve got MIL covered 🙂

Happy New Year to you and yours, from me and mine
and I’ll be back tomorrow with news of some big changes Chez Catsmum


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