>Sorry if I worried anyone

>No funny/witty posts tonight.
It’s been a long and mostly negative week

Last weekend was excruciatingly hot.
I got badly sunburned [ sunscreen, hat, shade sail, the whole nine yards, and still I got scorched ]
I lost the stone from my engagement ring.

It took 5 days to get the Christmas stuff down and semi squared away

It’s been raining pretty much constantly since Sunday.
The weather [ or possibly all the packing/unpacking ] is playing havoc with the FMS.

Like everyone else in the country I’m sick at heart about the incredible scale of the losses of Queensland floods, and trying not to whinge about the fact that my big shed just got inundated for the third time since September because it seems so paltry stacked up against what those poor people have to endure.

So that’s it

Family and friends in Queensland are flooded but okay
Tomorrow – if the roads are passable – I’m going down to Melbourne to collect the Grandkittens.

Expect feline hostilities to commence shortly after my return!


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